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Best Diet and Exercise to reduce belly after c-section

Best Diet and Exercise to reduce belly after c-section

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Today, due to impure diet and lace of energy in women the normal deliver of baby is rear. The doctors are suggesting younger c-section for their baby delivery. Although they are helping to save the life of mother and baby but increasing ratio of  cesarean is valuable issue. The Doctors and researchers are trying to locate some solution. Hope so they will be tackle this issue.

Here we are with best diet and exercise which will reduce belly fat after C-section. even after normal delivery of baby these tip should be followed to avoid any complications. delivery is although a tough phase but the love of mother is endless. if a women is treated carefully after delivery, she will recover very soon her health. Here we are going to discuss some diet plans which are more helpful to reduce belly after c-section

Best Tips for health recovery after the delivery

  • She should take rest for 40 day, no heave duties.
  • Avoid intercourse minimum for three month(in case of C- Section)
  • Very care full while using stears
  • Take proper medicine as per instruction of Doctor
  • Take proper diet
  • Do necessary exercise

Best diet after c-section to reduce belly fat

Diet after c-section

In daily in earlier days she should take soft diet. She need to take the rich protein diet, Wheat grains, Specially fats. She should also take the fresh fruits and fresh fruit juice. The use of vegetables and eggs is also beneficial. This diet will be more helpful to reduce belly fat after delivery.

AVOID: Rich oily and deep fried and junk foods should be avoided. Spice and oily recopies should not be considered.

diet after c-section

Best Exercise to reduce belly fat after C-Section

After c-section the belly fat does not reduce. If is is not treated at the time this may damage your personality. this can be done very easily with proper diet and exercise. This exercise will help you to reduce belly fat after delivery. This exercise could me like crunches, reverse crunches, twist crunches, vertical crunches, bicycle exercise and walking. these exercise will help you to reduce belly after c-section


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